1. By booking with Z Mobility Ltd. (hereinafter “COMPANY”) you will be fully insured for any damages when you are on cars of COMPANY, however, also acknowledge that in any event COMPANY will not be liable for any consequential damages and the extent of COMPANY liability shall never exceed the amount you actually paid to COMPANY.
  2. In the event that the service or accommodations described in an itinerary we prepared cannot be provided due to delays or other causes beyond the control of COMPANY, COMPANY will try, but shall not be required, to provide comparable services or accommodations.  COMPANY reserves the right to alter itineraries if it should become necessary or desirable. COMPANY also reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure due to weather conditions or any other God’s will events. In such a case, full refund of all payments will constitute full settlement with the tour participant.
  3. During tours provided by COMPANY, You must follow all safety and security directions made by COMPANY chauffeurs.  In a COMPANY car, you are required to fasten seat belts all the time unless you are pregnant or in any illness or injuries that are not suited to safety equipment.  COMPANY chauffeurs and other employees may advise you for your social behaviors and you must respect such advice.
  4. COMPANY is not responsible for any sickness and/or injuries caused beyond the control of COMPANY when you are off the cars of COMPANY.  If you get sick or injured during the tour, ask for a help to your chauffeur immediately.
  5. Train tickets, facility entrance fees, lunch, dinner, local taxes, shopping items and tips are not included to any COMPANY tour programs. 
  6. If you are lost during the tours, you must call your chauffeur at once and follow his/her guidance.  Do not try to solve the problem all by yourself, but call for a help.  Carry chauffeur’s card all the time.
  7. As for our cancellation policy, please see this page.
  8. All terms and conditions of COMPANY shall be governed by the laws of Japan.